5 Comments on “$10 Challenge | October Issue”

  1. Sue
    your Mag is beautiful!! do you actually do a paper version?? trying to find a way to get it out to customers that haven't connected on the online realm!! The Hayters connection is perfect for us as we have been connected with them for years Sue Southampton Meat Market
    • Lynn Ogryzlo
      Hey Sue, Oh, I wish!! I'd love to produce a paper version of The Ontario Table $10 Challenge, a year of eating local. I even have a beautiful prototype and if we could do this, they would become collectors items - signature pieces that celebrate our local food in a beautiful way that would make everyone take notice. But alas, no budget. I will keep the dream alive and hopefully one day I'll be able to produce it.
  2. Rhene
    I will be spending two days in Hastings County on November 19/20. Do you have any articles about Hastings county in your back issues?
    • Lynn Ogryzlo
      Hastings County is on a future agenda but I know that doesn't help you for now. Have fun exploring and let me know what you find!
  3. Libby Wong
    What a lovely and informative magazine, I try to eat local as much as possible, we all should enjoy local products in season to support our farmers and food producers in Ontario. Keep up the great work.

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