12 Comments on “The Ontario Table”

  1. Bridget Ryan
    Lynn, Great talking to you today, I look forward to your on line magazine. Regards, Bridget R. Erin Ontario
  2. maxine schaefer
    I received your beautiful book with amazing pictures and recipes from many areas for my 69th birthday great picutures How ever the printing is much too small and putting white letters over yellow orange bands is also very hard to read next book I suggest having it proof read by someone who is a senior we are likely to be the recipients of these coffee table cook books
  3. K John Hazlitt
    To the author of the "recipe book " excellent production well done easy read and easy recipes HOWEVER the damn thing will not lay flat So why is it not coil bound with a hard cover. and while the pics are of the highest standard why is there no pic ID on each pic. . I am going to have m,y copy punched and coil bound and then have a hard cover put on. Interesting enough having been in the food production business for some 24 years i did recognize a couple of the head shots. John Hazlitt
    • Lynn Ogryzlo
      Hey John, well I'm sure production had many reasons for designing the book the way they did, but I have to agree about the book too thick to lay flat. I use a recipe holder for mine and depending on where the recipe is in the book, my success varies. Thanks for persevering!
  4. D'Arcy L.J.White
    I'm curious what percentage of this book is vegetarian, or more specifically vegan friendly. I am very interested in buying local & a cook book based on Ontario produce sounds divine. But I'm vegan and I don't want to spend money on a book that's heavy on recipes using meats, eggs, and dairy.
  5. Krista Lachapelle
    BRAVO!! This is an absolutely amazing cookbook...and celebrates our incredible province in such a beautiful way. Way to go Lynn....it was time for something like this - local eating is SO important. I just posted a link to your $10 challenge on my facbook page. Thank you for taking the time to create this great book.
  6. jacqui
    I love this cookbook and every receipe I have made has turned out great. I was just making the pesto pan chicken and I noticed it does not tell you when to add the red peppers - just thought I'd let you know.
  7. monique haggar
    Hi Lynn, I had the pleasure to hear you at the conference in Niagara Falls a while back. Will you be coming in the area of Kingston this year? It would be great to have you at either these markets where I sell: Frontenac Farmers' Market in Verona or the Memorial Centre Market in Kingston a relatively new market and quite successful. Thanks for letting me know. Monique Memories of Alexandria

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