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  1. Lynda Sellar
    Hi, I just discovered your blog while looking for 'farm dinners' in Ontario. The events, however are from 2012. Are there events happening this summer? thanks, Lynda
    • Lynn Ogryzlo
      Hi Lynda, Yes there are many farm dinners across Ontario but for some reason there isn't one single portal where they are all listed. Looks like a great opportunity for someone, but in the meantime I like the Oxford Garden Party on July 9, Aug 11 is Muskoka's Field to Fork event and same day is Outstanding in the Field event in Bradford. You can try the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance website at www.ontarioculinary.com or Greenbelt Fresh at www.greenbeltfresh.ca. Both sites list events. Good luck and have fun!
  2. Muriel Williams
    Hi Lynn is there a place were we can by butter from farm to table? I live in Oxford county and you know we have Gunn's Hill cheese which is wonderful. Jakeman's Maple syrup Red Barn Berries and more. and a Saturday morning farmers market that can take you back to your childhood. It has just been recently that we heard of the Garden Fresh Basket and have taken it for the past 6 months.......and wonderful. But have not seen farm fresh butter.
    • Lynn Ogryzlo
      Hi Muriel, You should check out the Bright Cheese + Butter - that's close to you. What about Empire Cheese + Butter in Cambellford - is that close? anyway I think those are 2 really good sources for you. For other Ontario made butters, check out The Ontario Pantry at The Ontario Table website (or click here!)

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