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  1. Louise Laroche
    I am looking for a canning receipes for pickled cucumber? I would greatly appreciated if you could help me finde one that is simple to make. Louise
    • Lynn Ogryzlo
      Louise - pickled cucumber? Do you mean making pickles? I think so. I think what you need to do is find a great canning cookbook or surf the web and read the pickles recipes. The reason I suggest this is because there are hundreds of recipes of dozens of different styles of pickles out there. Not sure what kind you like or are wanting to make so best to choose what you like. Good luck - I have some left over from last year so won't be making any this year.
  2. Denise
    Hi, My mom cans vegetable soup as well as chicken soup. She says that the soup becomes acidic even after boiling the jars for 15-20 minutes. She would like to know what she can do to prevent the soup from becoming acidic during the canning process. Thank you :)
    • Lynn Ogryzlo
      Hi Denise, So sorry I have no idea. I suppose it depends on the ingredients. I don't can soup - I freeze mine. I do can tomato sauce and yes, it too is a bit acidic but I simmer it slowly for a few hours on the stove and the acidity dissipates. I know that's not much help, but it's the best I can do. Good luck.

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