4 Comments on “A Turning Point”

  1. Sarah D.
    SO great reading this Love! We just locked picture today on the film and now it's on to sound design, colour correct and score. I miss Toronto, and YOU! Scott will be visiting soon, in a few weeks, and he's informed me that you are full on Vegan now! Good show! On the subject of movies, COWSPIRACY was great as well, but it's more about connecting meat consumption to climate change. Excellent info though. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and I love you and let me know when you want to skype! Perhaps this weekend? S
  2. Judy Eberspaecher
    Congratulations, Lynn. You are a brave and ambitious soul and I wish you a wonderful year. Enjoy a change of pace. Hopefully our paths will cross again but sadly, it will not be through TMAC. All the best, Judy

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