2 Comments on “Warmed By Food Memories”

  1. Maurizio
    Hi Lyn! I enjoy reading your blog on food memories! Your memory of enjoying a delicious dish of Pasta and Fagioli in an unpretentious restaurant you discovered in Florence brings back so many of my own memories of unique and special restaurants, foods and people discovered in Italy! There are many unique and wonderful places which offer regional dished which few know of scattered around italy. I have been blessed with having had so many magical experiences revolving around food and people in my life. Many of my heart warming memories are of times spent in the kitchen with mom and grandma, assisting and learning how to make their unique Italian delicacies. During these times their own memories of loved ones and and their art of cooking where passed on to me. These are for me the true spices of my life. There is so so many stories I would love to share with you but for now, I thank you so much for sharing your memory of Pasta and Fagioli in Florence! Cheers! Salute! Maurizio
    • Lynn Ogryzlo
      Maurizio - I knew I would touch the hearts of fellow Italians. Somehow, our sense of food is connected to every one of our other senses - we are so blessed this way. Thanks for sharing.

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